• GLOBERES is a Web based ASP Reservation System integrated with your own website - The GLOBERES On-line Reservation System becomes an extension of your own website with your own "look and feel".

  • No new hardware to be purchased. No Software to be downloaded.

  • Client Transactions - A breeze - Your clients can make reservations with a totally secure credit card guarantee using 128bit SSL encryption….all with a few mouse clicks. Click here for your Globeres Online demonstration

  • Quick Setup - With its latest and always upgraded technology, Globeres is usually, setup with 3-4 days notice, depending upon your specific requirements, ….our record is 24 hours!

  • Powerful Reporting Features - The system provides access to a wide variety of reports to enhance management and marketing reporting. Data can be imported across into spread sheets to create month end and year end graphical presentations.

  • Secure and we use only state of the art technology - Using the latest technology available, Globeres is fully scalable to suite the needs of any size of business and can handle millions of transaction/sec with the use of secure, clustered SQL servers.

  • Technical Support - Our team of engineers and client managers provide you & your staff technical support, and the necessary initial setup and implementation.

  • Custom Programming - Since GLOBERES is developed utilizing the most modern and robust technologies, it is fully customizable.

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