Some of the highlights of this system are:
  1. The ability for you and the meeting planner to track where attendees are staying, whether inside of outside of the Block.

  2. The transaction-based model reduces your costs, creating better efficiency in your systems, and the ability to offer more competitive rates.

  3. Total inventory and rate control over "Multiple Inventories" .

  4. Real-time transfer of reservation information to your hotel.

  5. Allows unlimited real-time flexible reports to be generated.

  6. A one-stop-shop for attendees for their meeting info, book housing, and to compare rates against other internet offerings.

  7. Sub-block management systems that are flexible and the ability to track activity.

  8. End user control.

  9. Planners have access to more data than ever before.

  10. The ability for you to "fence" inventory.

  11. A fully integrated email marketing function.

  12. Flexibility for you to enter up to 10 different room types
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