Globeres Convention Housing is the first full-service Online Group Reservation System which allows the hotelier, the meeting planners, the designated housing company, or bureau to work together in an integrated system to fill the contracted room blocks. Globeres will manage the room blocks and sub-groups on-line in conjunction with, or without, the designated housing company, whichever the meeting planner chooses. All reservations are processed real-time and the hotel has access to real-time reports 24/7.

Globeres is also the only Group Reservations Management and Distribution system that decreases cumbersome manual processes and increases efficiency and revenue by automating the group housing process. Globeres' Internet-based tools and solutions offers all parties involved in the group housing process total control over events and provides numerous benefits - including accessing and sharing real-time data, needing to use only one system from city to city, and reducing attrition exposure.

Globeres has developed this Group/Convention Web Reservation and Management product to address the problems facing the housing needs of the hospitality industry. Hotels, Convention Bureaus and Meeting Planners now have the tools and information to learn more about their meetings and bookings. One of Globeres unique features is that it allows planners to track where attendees are staying, whether within the group, or outside of the block, minimizing attrition. We deliver to planners stronger data for future planning and a better understanding of value for their overall business to a hotel or city. You retain control over your inventory and will substantially increase your revenues by breaking the stronghold on-line merchants have gained through the popularity of internet booking.

The tremendous response of meeting planners to the introduction of this product in 2003 was due to the fact that Globeres had provided them with information previously unavailable to them, additional marketing for their meetings, the cost savings to their attendees, and for the simple fact that this product made their jobs much easier for them. It also offers their attendees a one-stop-shop for their meeting information and room booking. Globeres Group/Convention Housing system is a transaction based, non- merchant system rather than the typical merchant models which command a high commission percentage. This radically different business model actually reduces the costs of booking a hotel room while increasing profitability to your hotel. This new business model allows you to offer more competitive rates and bring more $$ to your bottom line! We are already based on the hotel standard XML 2002 AOTA allowing a seamless integration into your current system

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