Channel Manager -Features GLOBERES Competitor
Rate Management    
Update Rates via Room Types: This feature is very useful when you are updating a specific room type across multiple channels with a single click  
Update Rates via Channel Types: This feature is very useful when you working on some specials with a specific channel, so you can update all room types for a channel with a single click of a button.  
Rate Parity: Keeping the Same rate across the board for all the channels for
Rate Disparity: Allows you to maintain different rates for different channels  
Availability Management    
Dynamic Availability Management System: This is a Unique Selling Feature where GLOBERES dynamically allocates rooms to rate plans that are part of a room type  
Availability Sync: Allows to synchronise available to the maximum number of days the channels supports with a single click  
Availability Update : Allows to update one or more days over multiple room types with a single click  
Booking Retrieval    
Auto-Update : Allows all bookings from 3rd party websites to drop into the channel managers, automatically deduct the inventory and update the other 3rd party website  
Booking Summary report of all channel, Rooms nights, revenue,  
View bookings by Check-in Date, Guest Name, and Booking Date. Departure Date  
Inclusions : This feature is only supported by those channels that support inclusions for example Rates2Go, Wotif.    
Default Inclusions: Allows you set default package inclusions for different days of the week.  
Daily Inclusions: Allows having different inclusion for specific days of the years.  
Other features    
Stop Sell Feature: This applies only to channels that support this, where a property may have rooms but chooses to stop selling on specific days  
Closed for Arrival : This applies to channels that support it
Closed for Departure : This applies to channels that support it  
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